Loft Insulation

The benefits of insulating your loft have been well publicised. A quarter of your heating will escape through your roof if it is not adequately insulated. While most UK households will have a minimal amount of loft insulation already, the government recommends a minimum depth of 270mm.

In our experience, most housing associations and local authorities specify 300mm or even 350mm in their rented properties as a measure to keep their tenants fuel bills as low as possible. Having the recommended depth of insulation installed could save you up to £220 a year on your heating bills, and your initial investment, in most cases, is returned within 2 years.

We will also insulate any pipework and cold water tanks in your loft, all as part of the service, keeping in line with the highest industry standards. However, at Evergreen Insulation Services Ltd we pride ourselves on exceeding industry standards and will advise our customers on any other areas that we feel require attention, such as ventilation, storage solutions or pest control. Start saving today and call us for a free survey and no obligation quote.