Specialist Loft Flooring

So you’ve just had your loft insulated to the recommended depth, and all of your belongings are now back in the loft on top of the insulation. Did you know that squashing the insulation seriously impairs it’s thermal quality, and therefore reduces the savings on your energy bills. Loft insulation works due to the air that is trapped inside, and if you compress it, the air gets squeezed out, making it much less effective. At Evergreen Insulation Services Ltd we have the solution. With our specialist raised flooring, you can still have the best of both worlds.

We can transform your loft space into a convenient storage area that is safe and practical, without compromising the efficiency of your insulation. We use the highest quality timber and boards to construct a raised floor that sits comfortably over your insulation, thus maintaining maximum efficiency and maximum savings. Call us today for a free survey and no obligation quote.